Sunday, April 27, 2014

Isn't it easy (and fun!) to create nice outfits for yourself just by using basic sewing patterns? ;) 

Would you like to see an example? Couple of weeks ago I made a very fancy top by using a simple t-shirt pattern. Let me show you how it’s done...
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For the t-shirt pattern I used an old pattern from Burda magazine. It’s from Burda’s 08.2010 issue with pattern no.112. But you can use any close fitted t-shirt pattern you like. 

I love working with easy-to-sew patterns ‘cause they give you much more room to be more creative and make any alterations you like very easily. And Burda's sewing patterns almost always help you do that. 

Let me try to go through each step on how I did this double colored chic top from a simple pattern.
1. I cut out the t-shirt pattern. 

2. I cut it in half from from the line I like to see the second color to start. For the bodice top, I cut the fabric and sewed it as it is, without making any changes. 

3. I wanted to have circle shaped pockets on the front. But not just the pockets, I wanted to emphasize the circular shape with a contrast color.
In order to do that, I had to re-draw and cut the same pattern part couple of times. This may now sound a little like a crafts project but it’ll worth it :) Keep reading... 

4. So each circle you see below is cut from a different fabric and stitched together. Once all the parts are stitched and turned into a single piece of fabric, I inserted the pockets, again with a circular shape. The result was amazing! :D 
making circular pockets


5. In order to have a cohesive look, I added a artificial suede to the sleeve hems and to the collar. 

6. I then stitched the two parts together. 

7. Taaa daaaaa.....

see you soon! :))

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