Thursday, April 24, 2014

louvre müzesi popart ceket - kendin dik
While I was visiting one of the biggest art museums in the world, I wanted to have a fashionable outfit appropriate for the venue. Of course I first thought about wearing a high fashion gown, then I had a sinister feeling that I might overdo it and went for a pair of sneakers, jeans and my newly made pop art jacket instead;)

With long corridors full of giant oil paintings and rooms full of artifacts, Louvre Museum was serving as a stage for my work-of-art jacket this time. 
While I was preparing for this trip, I chose the comfiest and most fashionable clothes that I have from my SYS wardrobe. This recent addition to my wardrobe has turned out to be one of my favorites so far. 

imageThe jacket has an interesting story that might be familiar to many sewing enthusiasts. It was one of the days when I lost myself in the fabric store... I was just about to pay for the dozens of fabric pieces I bought and then I saw this poplin fabric with gorgeous pop art prints on it. Without hesitation, I bought a meter and headed back home. 

I wanted to sew a hoodie for some time and I found this pattern from an ancient Burda Style mag. (Burda Style 2001 / 12 pattern no.121). I looks slightly different on me doesn't it? :P

When I cut out the hoodie, it looked quite cheesy and I quickly lost interest in finishing the project.

But almost a year later, I couldn't resist leaving this fabric aside and decided to turn it into a jacket by simply removing the hoodie. Here's the result: 
It's so easy to create various outfits just by using basic patterns...

After I got rid of the hoodie, the neckline turned into a very nice V shape. With the help of poplin fabric and the linen interlining, the neckline really looks firm. 

Also, instead of the laces at the end of neckline, I put a huge button on the slimmest part of the waist and turned it into a semi - fitted jacket. 

The white linen I used for the lining made a very nice contrast color for the sleeve hems later on :)
I don't know whether it's because of the pop art prints or my new haircut, I feel like a 25 again! 

Kudos to myself for being persistent and learning how to sew! LOL! ;)

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