Saturday, April 19, 2014

trenchcoat dress

I loved this pattern the minute I saw it on  McCall’s patterns. I must say that the pattern is amazing. It's easy to sew, fun to alter and fit for all seasons. I think if I cut it a little bigger next time, I can even use it as a real trench coat. 
This was my first attempt in sewing a trench coat, thus I had no idea how much fabric is needed for such a pattern.

Instead of buying fabric according to the pattern, as almost all normal people would do, I tend to lose myself in the fabric store and buy whatever I fall in love with at that second and then try to figure out which pattern would be better for that later on. So, after I cut it, I had no idea about what to do with the fabric I had at hand. 

Apparently, I should have bought 2 meters of fabric for this pattern... But my deficiencies in one aspect, helped me to be much creative in another! 
So, please find below Irem version of  M6279 trench coat dress:
I noticed this fabric right before I was leaving the store. It has a denim look on the right side and a gorgeous golden color on the wrong side. So I had to buy it! Although it was  little thick and slightly hard to work with, it gave an awesome look to this pattern. 
As I said above, I had to use every bit of the fabric very carefully; so, instead of sewing the hem inside, I did it vice-a-versa and ended up with a golden bias look on the outside. 

mccalls trenchcoat dress
easy to sew trenchcoat

Another “surprising” (!) feature of a trench coat pattern was the double fabric at the front. So, the extra fabric goes here... Since I had none, I cut napkin sized fabrics and used them at the bodice front. In order to stress the double colored feature of the fabric, I did not sew them together but left them as separate pieces. I assure you that this “genius” design was a result of lack of fabric. I didn’t have even 1 cm more to sew them together!

In other words, instead of having double sided fabric, the bodice front actually looked like this!

But it turned out quite well, didn’t it? :)

Another aspect that gives the classic trench coat look is the dozen of buttons used at the front and on the shoulders. But, my meticulous planning skills did pay off once again. I did not have enough number of buttons that I could use with this fabric. After a long search at home, I found the 40 years-old “vintage” buttons on another dress left from my mom and sewed them on my trench coat. The photo cannot show the details well, but the buttons have a lace-like look which I adore. 
trenchcoat dress lace button detail

Finally, I made the collar double-colored and short.
I loved this dress! It's so easy to wear. It turned out to be my favorite winter outfit. I intend to sew it again with lightweight fabrics very soon. 

Every time I wear this dress, I get lots of compliments. What can I say, I'm so glad that I insisted on learning how to sew! :)

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