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As a passionate seamstress, I have to find time to spend in the fabric stores of every city I visit. And if this city is Paris, I HAD to buy something that would remind me of it all the time.
So here I was,  visiting the ever so famous Montmartre. I had a wonderful time up in the Basilique du Sacre Coeur and the bohemian Montmartre area. But thanks to the other sewing bloggers, I knew very well that this was also the place for buying some French fabrics!
paris fabric stores sewing yours style

The first shop that welcomes you at the corner of the street is Reine. This was, as I learned later, is quite a famous fabric store and came even more popular after the Paris episode of Project Runway. For me, it felt like a little girl entering a fairy land!

Mr. SewingYourStyle wanted to take my pictures and I think tried to make sense of what I was so passionate about. And of course quitted after 5 minutes! 

A quick traveller note: If you're traveling with a loved one, find a nice spot where he/she can rest, before you loose yourself in wondering the stores (and shopping if you're lucky!) 
This is me when first entered the store...
This is me when first saw the price tags!...

Everything was so chic, so stylish... All the fabric was perfectly displayed, there's room for thinking about how to use the fabric without getting a shoulder kick by someone else trying to move in the crowd... Almost all the fabrics are very high quality and unique... And of course, as you may see from the below picture, so were the prices...
fabric store paris sewing your style
I think I was too spoiled by high quality and low priced fabrics in Turkey till now. The prices definitely caught me off guard. 1 meter (3.3 ft) of this lovely silk was around 40 Euros!
french silk sewing your style
But since I didn't buy almost anything from RTW stores anymore, I had a budget to spoil myself. Photos are at the end of the post :)

This is the second floor of Reine a.k.a my dream fabric store. There's a special corner for patterns where all the patterns in stock can be followed from a well placed displays.
pattern corner paris sewing your style
You can enjoy the pattern magazines and make up your mind about what to buy and what to do with it in a relaxed and well lighted atmosphere... Apparently, this was something I never saw in the fabric stores I regularly visit...
As you can see from the window, Marche Saint-Pierre, another famous fabric store, is just at the opposite side of the street. 
fabric stores address in Paris
There are also "coupon" stores where they sell fabric pieces ranged from 1.5 meter to 3. They're folded on the displays and you buy what you find. In other words, you cannot argue with the salesperson that you'd rather have it cut. They were more reasonable in prices but you may have to buy more meters of a fabric that you need, just because they don't provide you with another option. 
Below is a photo of the best notion store I found on the street. You'll understand better what I mean when you see the below pictures :)
notions store paris sewing your style
You see the wall of candies? :P 
wall of buttons sewing your style
I can't tell much about the notion stores in your city, but this way of displaying buttons was quite interesting for me. Don't you wanna dive in and have a wall like this at home? :)
buttons paris sewing your style
The zipper corner...
zippers paris sewing your style
So I said to myself, if I'm gonna spend much more money on fabrics than I do back at home, then it has to be peculiar to Paris. What can be more peculiar than can-can girls? :) 
Oh I so adore this one! (it was 15 EUR a meter)
And from the coupon stores I bought 3 meters of silk with blue-gray flowers. (38 EUR for 3 meters)
french silk sewing your style
As for the buttons, the jewelry I must say because of the prices!, these are what I bought...
parisian buttons sewing your style
How to get there...
When you're in Montmartre area (the place of famous Moulin Rouge), the Basilica of Sacre Coueur is one of the biggest tourist attractions. Right below it there's a nice park ending with a carrousel at one end and the famous Museum d'Art Naïf on the other. Find the museum and you'll see the fabric store Reine right in front of it. Other fabric stores are also located below that street. 
paris fabric stores sewing your style
Once you get tired of walking, and annoyed to rest and eat in a crappy touristic cafe, I strongly recommend that you use the cafe inside the museum. It doesn't offer a variety of things to eat for lunch, but it is definitely a great place to rest your legs and get away from the tourist trap cafes near the main attractions. 
Museum d'Art Naïf sewing your style

What is the best way of ending a nice trip?
I bought fabric (although not as much as I liked), I visited various great locations, I had a great French wine (cheaper than coke by the way!) with my loved one sitting in front of me, trying to pretend he's interested in the fabrics and buttons I bought just a minute ago!

Feel good, live good :)

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