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Roland Mouret “Galaxy Dress” - I finally made it!
Let me share with you the dress that is in the top of my “list of honour” since the day I started sewing. It’s the famous “Galaxy Dress” by the famous French designer Roland Mouret. 
Well…even at least this post should convince you to sew your own clothes!…
Mouret designed this dress as a part of his 2005-6 fall-winter collection. The dress is so famous that it has it’s own name “Galaxy Dress” :) Vouge Patterns made its knock-off one year later. Since I discovered the DIY lifestyle only a year ago, I learned about this quite late :) But if you search the net with the name of thispattern or the dress, you’ll realize that there are tons of versions of this dress throughout the world. 
When I chose the fabric for this pattern, I had no idea that I chose almost the same color used by the designer in his original catwalk show! But don’t I look the same size as the model? :P 
Although Mouret has designed it 7 years ago, the dress is a classic. It’s a must have pattern for any sewing enthusiast. It has a very flattering shape and a classy look. I highly recommend it to everyone. 
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Moreover, Vogue Patterns (v8280) allows you to make 6 different versions of it. 
You won’t stop sewing :))
But if you insist on buying the dress, please feel free to purchase it for 1525 EUR from here!
This type of fitted dresses always tend to have the zipper at the back. But if you have to go through a hassle like me every time before you leave home you’ll definitely look for easy-to-wear outfits. As a working mom who has to get dressed in 5 seconds, finish make-up in 2 and prepare a 3 year old etc. before I go out, it is a key for survival for me :) Thus, I always tend to put the zippers on the side, instead of the back in order to get dressed quickly and not wait for someone else to close the zipper! 
So let’s come to the “designer” notion of this dress… Although at the beginning it takes time to figure out how to do it, there’s an awesome shoulder detail to this dress. 
But if you intend to use the Vogue pattern (v8280) I must warn you that you should make some alterations before you proceed with cutting the fabric. The shoulder pattern is so huge that if I were to sew it as it is, I could have ended up with a nice looking american football player top! Thus, I have reduced the shoulderpattern size quite a bit. Here’s how it looks from close-up:
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Isn’t it great?! 
If you’d like to get more insight about this pattern and see how others did it, you can read more reviews from 
Believe me, it’ll help you a lot! 
see you soon!

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