Saturday, May 24, 2014

burda pattern alteration
As I have mentioned in my previous post "To Peplum or Not to Peplum?", I've been suffering from an  unstoppable urge for sewing a peplum dress for a while. 

So I decided to try the best possible way to use peplums for my pear shaped body for altering a Burda Style pattern, as a part of a local contest. 

Here's the pattern I worked with: from BurdaStyle Mag. issue no.02/2012 no. 117.
I liked this pattern a lot. It lacks at couple of points but generally speaking I liked the way it looked on me. I definitely intend to use it again, with 3 color combination this time. 
Since I was heavily occupied with "pepluming" a dress, I first changed the triangular cut at the skirt - top seam line. Obviously, if I had used the original version, I may well have ended up with a blossoming flower-like look! 

In my previous post, I talked about the strategic importance of asymmetrical placing of the peplums on the waistband (a.k.a. peplums - a friend or a foe for pear shaped women!)
Having this in mind, I tried to get the best shape for my figure. So, first, I altered the triangular cut a bit. 
changing patterns to invent new dresses
I then finished the top of the dress with almost no alterations. The only difference from the original pattern was replacing the back zipper with a side invisible zipper. 

I do think it is very unpractical to have back zippers in a dress, if you always have to get dressed in a hurry. Especially when you have a naughty 4 year old running around you every time we intend to get out of home (!), you cannot glide around with a Grace Kelly glamour when getting dressed and wait for someone to zip your dress :D

Consequently, the zipper goes on the side...
This was an interesting top to sew. At first, it takes you sometime to comprehend which part goes where... And I had serious worries that the top looked very much like a straightjacket with my white fabric color choice, but in the end, it turned out fine :)
The side and back views...
After finishing the puzzle-like top, I started thinking about how to place the peplums in a strategical manner... 
I first cut the fabric left from the skirt and stitched them together. I think, it'll be enough to use a fabric (your hip size) x 1.5 to get a nice look. But if you like more exaggerated peplums feel free to lengthen it more!
I had to try couple of times on how it would look best on the dress. I finally decided on one look and pinned the peplum fabric on the skirt. 
I stitched them carefully together and LOVED the way it turned out :D
Hmm... perhaps it doesn't look the same on me compared to stick figured models, but I think the peplums can be flattering for pear-shaped as well  :P
That's it! 

It turned out to be a very comfy dress for me. I loved the cotton feeling, I loved the colors, and I loved my peplums. 

However the contest may turn out, I loved the result already.

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