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The reason I decided to learn sewing my own clothes was to be able to wear anything I like with high quality and low budget. 

I respect and admire the Fashion Brands and how much effort is spent in building them, but if it is not for my budget, what's the use! So after I started sewing, instead of idle window shopping, I started to notice the details and how one yard of fabric can be turned into a good quality outfit.

pencil skirt designer
When I examined the high fashion outfit brands closer, I realized that many of the RTW outfits are just smart variations of simple patterns. Of course the creativity and design quality lies in these details... And you HAVE TO HAVE good quality fabric to begin with. I believe anyone who has an eye on fashion, and willing to execute basic sewing techniques, can create a high quality outfit just by following some simple steps. 

So for the attempt of proving my point and for sharing the "love of fashion and fun of sewing" with everyone, I will keep having posts about creating chic clothes by using basic patterns. I have already shared with you 3 projects I've created in this manner:
Now it's time for sewing chic skirts with using a basic pattern.
I kept getting queries about sewing a skirt and I decided to use a basic pattern for a skirt to post in the Watch and Learn Grasshopper list. However, since this blog is about Sewing Your Style, I did not want to have a boring basic skirt but dress it with smart details!

Visit this page first, for learning step-by-step details on sewing a basic skirt. 
This post is about styling up a basic pattern with simple alterations. See how stylish these skirts are?  (and how much they cost?...)
Mini Skirt



Striped silk-crepe skirt



Color-block stretch-crepe pencil skirt



Stretch cotton-blend pencil skirt

For a basic skirt pattern, I have a self-drafted one that I made right for my size. But you can use any skirt pattern listed in the Sewing a Basic Skirt post. 
What you need:
  • pattern paper
  • scissors
  • pen
  • nice background music
  • and high spirits!
I have used a skirt pattern looking like this :
to create this:
The alterations I made on this basic skirt pattern were:
1- Include front and back slits
chic pencil skirt
2- Put two inseam pockets on the front, using a technique similar to the one explained in a previous post:
chic pencil skirt
3- Decorate the sides and the pockets with a contrast color fabric:
chic pencil skirt
See the close-up look:
basic pencil skirt chic details

Isn't it great?! I love how it turned out! The skirt is so chic that with a black shirt, it became a power suit for me immediately. 

Tips for Pear-Shaped and Plus Sized: 
The slightly high waistband makes my waist look even more thinner. As a size 10 pear shaped, I've always dreaded wearing lighter colors in pants, skirts, shorts etc. 
Using a thick lycra cotton as the fabric, the skirt gives a very flattering shape. Moreover, the little "eye trick" at the back - i.e. the black band starting from the front inseam pockets going through the back, sort of divides the white block look and doesn't put more emphasis on the very "obvious" :P
Wow, it became a very long post already! I should put the sewing steps in a separate post. More information, coming up!
sewing a pencil skirt

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