Wednesday, May 21, 2014


One of the utmost important missions in life, without a doubt, is to learn how to make an owl from fabric!

This austere-looking animal happens to be one of my favorite characters in life. Thus, I couldn’t think of anyone else to give me a hand in holding my pins when I’m sewing. So I decided to draft and sew my own pin cushion with an owl shape. I liked the outcome so much that I used the same pattern in couple of my son’s clothes. 

Let me introduce you to my ever-suffering but always loyal owl:
sewing blogs
So if you say “this is the only thing missing from my life”, keep reading...
how to make an owl from fabric
  1. First, make an owl draft that is easy to cut and sew. If you are an extremely skilled artist like me, success is inevitable after a hundred of tries:
fabric owl
But if you say “I can’t draw... Even my stickmen get crooked”, you may use my professional drawing presented below: 
owl shape drawing
    2. Choose some colorful fabric for your owl. This is can be a nice opportunity to make use of your fabric leftovers from other projects: 
    3. (For making an appliqué) Cut 1 fabric and 1 fusible lining for the body. Cut 2 for the wings, 1 for the eyes and peek, and 2 for the feet. It will look much better if you use different colors for each part.

If you are to use my remarkable drawing, you’ll have triangular shapes for the wings. So when doing an appliqué like below, it would be best if you could pin the wing parts to the body first and cut the extra parts so that they’ll all have the same hem (see how professional I am?!) After you cut all the pieces they should look like this: 
  owl fabric applique
    4. It's time to  start sewing. You should first make a straight stitch to hold the parts together.  

    5. Then go through the side of each piece with a zigzag seam. If you'll use an appliqué foot for this, your sewing will look neater. 
Don't think that I'll leave the side seams messy like that. It'll look much better when I'll sew it onto the fabric.

The owl should look like this from the wrong side:
And after you stitch the small buttons to the eyes it should look like this: 
Isn't it adorable?! I hope I can share with you the jumper I intend to sew for my boy soon on this blog. 

See you soon! :)

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