Tuesday, June 17, 2014

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For me, this has been the most romantic summer dress of the year! It’s so light, so soft, so chic!

The  fabric is a light pink chiffon with gorgeous print of butterflies and flowers on it. I fell in love with it the minute I saw it at the fabric store and finished the dress in a day!

The romantic feeling of the dress has immediately taken over my life. The minute I wore the dress, the door bell rang. It was my husband on the door, with flowers at one hand, with two tickets on the other!

-“Let’s spend the weekend in Florance” he said. 
- “But… what about my wee man? What about luggages?” I asked.
-“Don’t worry. I planned the whole thing. I packed everything and if I missed something, you can buy it from Florance!”.
-“But.. but… I’m so hungry as well.”
-“I made a picnic basket for both of us. We can stop by at a nice spot on the way to the airport”. 

So I was convinced to get on the car and flew to Italy in an hour… My romantic summer dress was somehow made a magical touch in my life!
OHH.. Butterflies and pink dreams…
Let's rewind… When I wore the dress in the morning, I had 5 minutes to make my hair, my makeup and my bags. Then I started chasing my 3 year old around the house to get him ready for his grandma ‘cause I had a very important business meeting that morning. 

However, my wee man had other plans for me that morning. He gave quite a good fight not to leave me and was very keen on joining me in my meeting. After struggling for half an hour, I managed to get back to the car  and of course my dress was looking as if it was just taken out of a washing machine, totally wrinkled and wet from the fight…

In the afternoon I rushed to the supermarket and made my grocery shopping (with total elegance I must add... thanks to my romantic dress...).  After an hour later when my friend visited me at home, I still had my romantic dress on and was placing the groceries in the refrigerator. When I caught her astonished eyes, I said “Yep!.. I’m so stylish that even my kitchen outfits are chic!”. 
So, this is my romantic story. Yet, I wouldn't change it for the world :D 
Let me talk a little bit about the dress. For the ones who haven't read my previous post, this dress is made by using BurdaStyle Magazine June 2012 issue (pattern no. 116). It has a wide V-neck both at the front and at the back. It's designed as a two layered dress and it's very easy to sew. 

Tricky bits:
Since it was a sheer chiffon fabric, the v-neck was a little tricky to sew in a clean way. Let me give couple of hints for the beginner level seamstresses. 
First sew the neck facing on the dress with right sides facing together. 
Then trim the extra bits to avoid any creasing that may happen after ironing. 
Fold the facing inwards and iron the neck slowly.  
I could have made various different end-stitchings to this. But, since my fabric was very sheer and the pattern had a casual style, I decided to make a top-stitching on the neckline. 
yaka dikişi
This was the front collar of the first layer dress. It is the only part that I intend to change when I use this pattern again. Although at the beginning, it seemed like a nice detail, when finished, it look too casual :(
Here's how it looks when finished. Next time, I'll cut a shorter V and won't add this additional piece onto the dress. It just doesn't worth the effort. 

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