Friday, June 06, 2014

v2961 flamingo dress 1950 fashion 50s design vogue vintage pattern 2961
I finished my dress! Despite the killing heat, I managed to make a awesome dress out of awesome fabric with flamingo prints :)

The real awesomeness of this dress is that it was quite easy to sew and looks perfect when finished. Although it was a moderately easy pattern, the dress looks really elegant when finished. I mean, as elegant as any dress covered up with flamingos would look :P

The pattern I used for this dress is one of Vogue Vintage collections. The v2961 was originally published in 1953 and it's a classic 50s fashion with tight bodice and a poodle skirt. 
      vogue vintage elbise kalıpları
I must say, for the novice sewing enthusiasts the only challenging detail would be the bound buttonholes at the front. Evet I first thought of placing an invisible zipper on the side and sewing the buttons just as accessories. 

But then I decided to stick with the original pattern and see how it'll turn out. I did not make bound buttonholes though - as suggested - and just made regular ones. 
    vogue 2961 1950s dress patterns
The fitted top was so easy to make, despite the boning detail. I fitted the bodice like a glove very easily. To be honest, the bodice pattern has only 2 darts at the front and 2 at the back and was much easier to make and fitted much better, compared to other more complicated patterns with similar look. 

As for the boning, I recently started to use a rigilene (sew-in) boning which makes life much easier :) However, you should also sew tiny covers from leftover fabrics to each end, 'cause after washing the outfits couple of times the pin-like plastic materials start "biting" you. :)  I stitched it onto the lining with a black thread to demonstrate easily. The stitches looks awful I know, but it'll all be hidden in between the lining and the dress. 

I have made two revisions on the original Vogue pattern. One is the removal of the upper bands. The bowtie seemed too sweet for my taste :P Whereas the halter band looked very much like my recently finished "flip flop dress". 
It was also a pattern reprinted from 1950 by BurdaStyle. Check it out from - HERE - if you like. 

I think my flamingos look much nicer like this :)
imageThe second alteration I made was on the skirt pattern. Although I adore the poodle skirts of 50s, I don't think that my pear shaped body would be too flattered to wear a flared skirt. 
So instead of the given pattern, I used a self-made pattern (a very basic skirt pattern that I explained in - HERE - ) to create this chic pencil skirt on the right. Instead of a pencil skirt, I enlarged the sides starting from my fullest part of the hips. 

Sewing the buttons on the bodice was the easy part. I did spend some time in trying to figure out how to do the same thing on the skirt. The instructions were quite complicated for me, as I was doing this for the first time. 
I cut the upper front of the skirt pieces same as trousers pattern. I then stitched a paper-like interlining on the extra bits and then fold it into two in order to open buttonholes neatly. 
Finally I posed like the models on the pattern envelope, staring at the horizon for no reason... Now I'm done! 
I can go on living my happy ending with my flamingos... 
I hope that you will also have your happy (sewing project ) ending soon... well, until the next one at least :)

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