Tuesday, June 03, 2014

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I'm finally on holiday and want to celebrate it with a fun, comfy and chic dress for the summer. Sewing is seriously getting more easier than shopping for me... 

Think about it: you first go on window shopping, make a list of the items you loved, then limit your choices with your budget, find a dress that you'd adore - which would also fit exactly your size and body shape... blablablaaa... Whereas this gorgeous dress took me a day to finish and cost around 5 EUROS!
I fell in love with this pattern on the latest issue of BurdaStyle, which they first published in May 1950! If you can't get the Magazine itself, you can buy this pattern from their website. Unfortunately the price of one pattern is higher than the whole magazine! :( 

So, let me talk a little bit about the downside of this pattern now. It's not so easy for me to stitch the front band onto the bust. Adding the piping to that, made it even more tricky... 

Hidden disaster from a closer look:

When I sewed the lining, I realized that Iwasn't very good at installing the triangular part neatly. So I decided to cut the front band into two and sew them separately on the bust. But even that did not solve my problem; I ended up having a crooked look on the bust. However, the dress turned out so great that no one can notice it, unless they're told. I don't intend to tell anyone about it ;)
Since I cut the front band into two, despite the instructions, I couldn't attach the piped bias onto the band. So I had to sew it one by one onto the other bodice parts - which was more time consuming than the original instructions. So next time, I'll work more on installing the triangular shape neatly.
I attached the piping first onto the bust, then onto the bodice front. Stitched the band and finished. 
Tutorial on how to make piped bias is coming up...
So here's the result! 

What would I do next time?
I won't cut the band into two - doesn't make things easier and takes twice of your time to stitch the piping. 
I should have cut the lining of the front band from the front fabric. The halter neck bands do flip a little towards the back of the neck and show the lining. 
What have I changed?
I didn't think the circle skirt on the original pattern is very flattering for my shape. So I lengthened the front and back bodice parts; added the skirt a little below the belly. I also gathered the front skirt and left the back flat - apparently I do not need more volume at the back! 
I also continued with the piping at the bodice back which looked much better when finished.
I loved the pattern, I loved the fabric, I definitely loved the combination! 
Will I sew it again?  Most certainly I will! 

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