Friday, August 01, 2014

I finally finished my retro dress from Butterick patterns B6582. I'll be honest with you. Although the illustrations on the pattern envelope of elegant feminine look of 60s do get you excited about buying this pattern, you don't get that retro look when your project is finished. Or maybe, it's just me lacking the elegancy :)
          BUTTERICK 6582

Still, my love for black and white dresses made me enjoy this dress a lot, with or without the retro vibe :)
The bright red belt I bought couple of weeks ago was just the right accessory for this dress; wasn't it?
The detail I liked most about this dress was the V-shaped back. It's probably the only original detail that remained from the B6582 pattern :) Rest of the dress was full of alterations. Read more in here for the step-by-step information...
Another mission's over! Irem is very happy with her new 60s look :)
            B6582 BUTTERICK PATTERNS

Happy sewing! :)

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