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Alright, I admit. I'm a fabricaholic :) The thing is, when I see good quality fabrics, I don't just enjoy them because of their colors or patterns, I love them because of their potential for turning that into a great outfit. I immediately start wondering what kinds of great designs one can make out of them.
adana fabric store Mugem Turkey sewing your style
I have recently added a post on my blog about the wonderful fabric stores in Paris. The cheery feeling I had back there just came back when I discovered this small boutique fabric store in the middle of a South Anatolian city "Adana", a town famous with its Kebabs. Although it was much smaller than Reine store in Paris, this beautifully decorated boutique fabric shop had so many hidden treasures to be discovered :)
mügem kumaş adana
The cosy and stylish decoration made my heart melt even before I saw the quality of the fabrics it offered. The shop owners thought about everything to make you feel cosy and to help you have daydreams about your sewing projects. You can either use mirrors to see how the fabric looks on you or  just sit at the comfy chairs and rest a little while having your daydreams or even enjoy hundreds of fashion photos from recent collections of stylish designers  stored in an iPad for you.  In a nutshell, it was a fairyland for any sewing enthusiast.   
Mugem fabric store Adana
Normally I'd feel stressed before entering such a stylish fabric store, imagining the prices would be extra high and the salespeople would be extra cocky. I tend to tidy myself up, check my fingernails and try to have a smartass attitude (which I eventually fail at keeping...) However, this store turned out to be quite different than I anticipated. Living in a big city, makes you forget about the friendly and laid-back Southern attitude that is probably universal. The shopkeepers were definitely very stylish and so was the store, but I didn't feel the need to check my fingernails at all:) And the best part is, the prices were quite reasonable considering the quality and  compared to other stores that sell similar fabrics.  
fabric store Turkey
Apparently, Mugem Fabrics is widely known in Adana. The business is handed down from father to son and the shop has been open for more than 40 years. Due to its boutique style, the fabrics sold in the shop are also mainly for evening gowns. Yet, there are lots of fabrics for a stylish everyday wardrobe as well. The shop owner Mr. Ishak was so much into fashion that I suspect that he handpicks each fabric batch sold in the shop. 
Oh the fabrics... You'd burst into tears... Do you see the fabric displayed on the dummy below? You really don't need to be a skilled tailor to turn this into a gorgeous outfit. Just wrap it up and you're done :) I guess this is what they call High Fashion. Anything would sell, if you use a material like this! :P
abiye kumaş kendin dik
Each fabric is grouped by its color tone and type on the shelves. I, of course, couldn't stop myself from touching each and everyone of them :) 
Even though I touched, cuddled and opened almost all the fabric batches, the salespeople were very kind and did not say a word... at least to my face :P
But when I lost myself when choosing between the silk fabrics and asked how much I should buy to  use them as bedsheets and snuggle under them, I did feel a silent sigh... I wonder why...
designer fabric store Turkey sewing your style
So you wonder about the prices, right? Well, of course it's not cheap. However, I do not know any other shop that sell high quality designer fabrics with such prices anywhere else. The prices approximately range from 50 USD to 150 USD.
Let me show you what I bought, after ransacking the shop...
A 100% silk to snuggle with the famous butterfly prints. It's 70 USD a meter (1.1 yard). And just to reward my enthusiasm (or to keep my mouth shut...) I realized that they cut even more than I asked for, as a gift :)
roberto cavalli kumaş kendin dik
Roberto Cavalli... FYI...
This was also pure silk. I thought, if I have to pay so much for a fabric then it should worth it. Good quality silk is expensive everywhere... Why not buy it from here then ? Lightweight silk, 70 USD a meter. 
ipek kumaş kendin dik
And finally this was one of the most interesting patterns I bought for myself. Despite all my efforts, my camera couldn't show the great painting like patterns of this fabric. It looks like an oil painting on a canvas when you look more closely. It is of course a little hard to style such a heavy pattern. That is probably why they insisted on selling only 1 meter despite my efforts to buy more. It's 100 USD a meter and 100% silk. I intend do a blouse with it and style it with a pastel color skirt/pants later.  
That's all from me now. I'll write more about my "business" trip to south later. Now, there's so much work to be done and so much things to be sewn. :)
If you're interested, here's the address of the store: Mugem Fabrics  Gazipasa Boulv. Defneli Apt No. 14 / Adana - TURKEY

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