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Hello everyone! I came up with the idea of adding colorful pieces to the leg hems of your favorite pants for the summer. It's quite an easy and fun alteration. You can even use your jeans for this project!
In order to use this method, you need to have:
  • a pair of pants with preferably a bootcut legs, if not skinny pants
  • any matching piece of fabric you'd like to use - make sure it's a lightweight fabric
  • and high spirits!
altering pants make capri pants sewing your style
I have made these pants myself from an old BurdaStyle Magazine pattern. I loved the color of this fabric when I saw it in the store and then I bought another sateen fabric for making a blouse to go with the pants. But then it hit me... why not make colorful hems to turn the pants into chic capris for the summer?!

Here is how it goes:

1- If you've sewn the pants yourself, copy the end of leg pattern to make the colorful lining. If you want to use an existing pair of pants to add your lining, just put your pants neatly on a pattern paper and cut out a piece with a length of approximately 20 cm (8 inches).  
2- Cut out 4 pieces of the interlining fabric
3- Stitch together 2 pieces each and sew up one end of the hem. You do not need to close the other hem 'cause it'll be left under the leg hem. 
4- Open the hem allowance of the pants if you're using an existing pant. If you're just sewing it, mark the hem length you'd like to turn-up and do not close it. REMEMBER: You don't need to change the length of your  pants. You're just turning it up to make a capri. 
5- Now put it over the pants leg with WRONG SIDES FACING TOGETHER. 
6- Turn up the hem to sew it onto the lining that you've marked on step 4.
7- Hand stitch the hem onto the lining.
8- I wanted to have a long lining 'cause I couldn't decide how much I wanted to turn it up. So I attached the lining piece on two other points (shown with my fingers) onto the seam allowance .
Here you go. It's all finished and looks like this from the inside. Now press it neatly with your iron.
change pants into chic capris sewing your style
And here is how it looks from the outside. I'm ready to set sail now!
Enjoy your sewing projects and come back again!

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