Monday, August 11, 2014

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Well well... Another lace dress is now finished. I do love playing with these fabrics and lose myself in the sewing room. But when it comes to wearing them... I wish my enthusiasm for attending social events was like my enthusiasm for sewing! Or even half of it would make me a social bee! 
wedding dress ideas lace cardigan sewing
Where am I going to wear this dress? Even when we have a night out, I like dressing smart casual. How am I going to fit this lace cardigan into my social life? Why did I buy this lace in the first place, huh?! As always, the story started with me losing my mind when I entered the fabric store...    

The initial idea was to have a 2-layered dress, using a Burda Style pattern from 2012 summer. Also sold here: Layered Lace Dress

I've also used this pattern for my romantic butterfly dress previously. I had mixed feelings about the neckline, but was happy with the easy-to-sew pattern overall. 

I finished the first layer by using a cotton blend fabric. Here's how it looks:

But when I started cutting the sheer lace, somehow I decided to make a wrap cardigan over it. Here's how it turned out:

sewing lace cardigan

The lace I bought - so cheaply by the way! - had silver flowers on it. So I decided to use silver bias tape to gather the neckline.  

sewing fashion blog
I loved the silver bias tape so much that I decided to leave it a little longer at the end and use it like a ribbon at the back. 
But this beauty did give me a hard time when sewing. The neckline was even more tricky. Once I start a sewing project, I don't like giving a break before finishing what I'm doing. This lack of patience sometimes kicks up my creativity. Just when I was about to give up, I thought about using a fusible tape to keep the neckline together.   
  • I first cut my non-woven interlining into 1cm (1.4 inch) strips. 
  • Then sewn them on the seam edge of the lace. 

  • With the help of the strips, the seam edge became thicker and easier to sew. I then folded it and machine stitched the edges. 
how to sew lace

Finally, I covered all the neckline with the bias tape and had an awesome lace cardigan! 
fashion design lace wrap
However, the question remains the same:

How am I going to fit this lace cardigan into my social life? ;)

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