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So today, I decided to express myself with a painting and I grabbed the watercolor palette of my son and started discovering the artistic side of me…
As seen above, this time it is not the pattern (or our size 0 model’s mind-blowing posing skills) that shine out, but the fabric with amazing watercolor prints on…
I guess I’m about to unlock another hidden skill that I’ve been ignoring for many years… Wait for it… A genius is about to come to surface in no time…
Ta daaa… here you go! Isn’t it kind of lunatic? Am I the only one who sees it as an amazing print for a dress? :))

Nope, no mattern how much I tried, I couldn't get the painting genius out. Actually, if I tried, I couldn't have made even this much of painting on a canvas... 

This amazing fabric is actually a 100% italian silk that I found in a boutique fabric store in south coast of Anatolia, the city called Adana. That day the quality of fabrics I've bought were so above my sewing skills, that I did not dare to touch them for many months!  

When I visited the store, the amazingly stylish and friendly owner of the shop was very helpful and gave away the fabrics with good discount, except for this fabric. He asked me whether I would use it for a gown or not and when I said no, he decided to give me only 1 meter of this fabric and I couldn't convince him to cut more! (For the post on "An Italian Fabric Store in the middle of South Anatolia…" click here).
When I finally decided to use this fabric, I saw that I couldn't use it even for a sleeved dress... So instead of going out to find a matching fabric, I started digging the fabric stash at home. And guess what? I did have a matching silk :))) This amazing silk fabric was at least 35 years old, bought from India by my father. It still had the store's sticker on. I wonder where the "Narayan Traders" would be today :)
 Before I cut this valuable fabric, I did have my doubts. First of all, I'm not an advanced seamstress at all. I might mess the project up any time. Second, I didn't even try this pattern before using valuable fabrics. But what the heck... Are they more valuable than my enthusiasm? No! :))

indian silk

(ps: well of course it's not 18 meters...)
I'm sure many of you would come up with much better designs to use this Indian and Italian silk fabrics.

But as a working mom, whose night life ends around 9 pm., I tend to have lower priority for gowns and cocktail dresses in my wardrobe.  Thus, I once again used a 60's inspired dress for the most valuable fabrics I have ever sown.
 60s inspired dresses, dress patterns, sewing blog
This pattern was released in Burda Style's September 2012 issue as pattern no. 109. However, many similar versions have been published before that. I've done the blouse version of it, with slight differences (check it out here if you like). I was looking for a pattern to use for my silk dress, that would not be too loose, but not to fitted either; and would have simple lines to show the silk itself. When Burda published this version (also sold here), I thought this would be the right choice for my adorable silk stash.
Burda, 09/2012, no. 109

Sorry about that... I couldn't find a giant dove to pose on, so you'll have endure the photo below...

For the novice seamstresses, the only tricky part of this pattern would be the front pleats. But do not get intimidated by the weird look of it. It's just another front pleat with a wider and longer angle. Do not panic, just stitch it up as you do with a simple skirt pleat... 
sewing steps for Burda 09/2012 60s inspired dress pattern

As for the back zipper, I must say that I'm obsessed with the exposed zippers lately. I simply find them very fun and chic. I've closed the back neckline differently in my other similar project (the silver top that I gave the link above). But this time, a navy blue exposed zipper would fit much better with the crazy patterned silk dress. I also took some photos for a tutorial post to be published in coming weeks. 
exposed zipper on silk

Finally, it's styling time... These heavy patterns need a little fine-tuning for business related occasions. So I thought a more quiet color would be a better option to conceal the crazy inside :) This jacket was from a BS - before sewing life; and I thought it would be the perfect choice for my adorable silk dress. )
irem sews

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