Tuesday, October 14, 2014

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How would you like your Talbot Runhof design dress?   
What do you mean "I don't care about brands"? So you're not into paying 1500-2000 EUR to a dress? Hmm...

Actually, Talbot Runhof happens to be a famous brand for cocktail dresses and gowns, dressing up tons of celebrities and having dozens of stores all around the world since 2000. 

It was established by two guys, one was a former businessman the other was an electrical engineer! Apparently, one day they meet and decide on designing clothes for women :)
talbot runhof dress pattern burda
My first encounter with this brand was in December 2013 issue of Burda Style Mag. No wonder I overlooked this pattern when I first bought the magazine. Burda Style always finds a way to poorly present amazing patterns! 

The technical drawing just caught my eye when I was looking for a dress pattern months later and I immediately started searching the internet for other talented sewing enthusiasts who used this pattern. But even on their website, I could not find the original pattern, and no luck on the inspired projects.   However, I did discover amazing versions of the same dress and fell more in love with the pattern: 

talbot runhof gowns
 talbot runhof sewing pattern

If they pose like a cover star, why shouldn't I?! So what? I'm only 1-2 (3-4?) sizes bigger ;)
talbot runhof design dress
Well, you may think that the heavy pleats on the skirt may not be a clever choice for some pear-shaped; but guess what? I've discovered some tricks to avoid looking like a balloon ready to fly up ;)
sewing tips for pear shaped
I have more changes on this pattern which I'm sure you'll enjoy, but you'll have to wait for the next post to read them. 
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It was an intermediate level project and worth every penny I spent on the pattern. In the end, it does look like a designer dress and I'm sure it'll look much polished with different fabric combinations and perfect for evening-wear as well. 

More details on the sewing steps and tips here

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