Friday, October 24, 2014

Every October, since last 3 years, I have been hosting a "Red Outfit Challenge" event in my Turkish language blog. This is for mainly celebrating our Republic Day on October 29th. In years, it turned out to be a fun event where many sewing bloggers joined.  

In order to provide some inspirational ideas for the readers (and for myself first of all) I keep on posting pictures of designer clothes, street fashion from my social media pages weeks before the deadline.  
rag & bone etek

This skirt is also a result of an inspirational photo I've shared, from Rag & Bone Collection. Maybe it was the boots, maybe it was the whole suit, maybe it was only the leather details... I don't know which hit me first, but I fell in love with the skirt the minute I saw this photo below. 

rag & bone kırmızı etek

So instead of paying hundreds of dollars to get this, I challenged myself with drafting the pattern of the skirt and sewing it for the "Red Outfits" event. In the end, I think I've pulled it off :)

So here's how I used a basic pattern to get this look:

Do Wonders with a Basic Skirt Pattern!

In this post, I won't tell you how to draft a basic skirt pattern.  You need to have it at hand before starting. We'll be working on a basic skirt pattern that has a back zipper and has two darts at the front and the back. If you're an awfully novice in sewing, check out my "How To" post on sewing a basic skirt first ;) 1- So Step 1 is to get a basic skirt pattern to work on.

2- We'll be altering the front pattern of the skirt. What we're doing actually, is to add another layer onto the original skirt pattern. So, you may put aside the backside pattern; get a new pattern paper and put it on top of the front part. 

Remember that many patterns are provided in half size. 
So, what you should do now is to lay your pattern paper onto the front pattern and copy one side as it is. 
You should then fold the paper from center front and cut 1/3rd of it. You may take the dart line as a reference point. 

3- As you can follow from the skirt photos above, the second fold is attached to the side seam with 2 bands. So we don't need to add a dart to this part

4- As I wanted to have an assymetrical hem like the original design in Rag & Bone, I extended the hem 4 cm long (1.5 inches) only at the tip and made a curved line at the hem. So it looked like this:
altering patterns, skirt pattern

5- So now, we have 1 piece for the back and 2 pieces for the front. The first layer of the front is cut and sewn (darts etc.) as a standard skirt. Whereas the second front part looks like this: 
skirt pattern alteration

We now have the revised patterns at hand. Wait for the following post to read about how to add the leather(like) bit and the bands onto the pieces. 

It's not that complicated isn't it? I wish posing like a model could be as easy as sewing :))
red skirt pattern DIY blog

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