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The challenge continues! I have finished altering my basic skirt pattern and turned it into this great Rag & Bone skirt that inspired me (pattern alteration steps and more on the inspiration in my previous post). 
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In this post, I'll share with you the sewing steps for the leather-like part on the front and the straps on the side.  
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After making all the alterations I have explained before, the skirt front  looked like the above photo. This is the only part that is different from the basic skirt; as it comes as the 2nd layer at the front. 

Once I've cut the fabric, I realized that covering one side of it with a leather(like) fabric would make the skirt too heavy and thick. Gaining more pounds is definitely something I'm not looking for :) 

So I cut the leather fabric just long enough to cover the flap at the waist.
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Before we combine front and back pieces, we need to finish the leather bits.  

After cutting all the fabric, I first attached the leather onto the right side of the front fabric (the one with the crooked hem) with a straight stitch (Just leave some space around 5cm/2inches for the straps - explained below).
I then cut the seam allowances and turned it inside out. 

So my front bit looked like this before attached to any other part: 
You do not need to stitch the hem at this point. Just wait until you attach the straps on the side. 
The ideal would be to use leather buckles for this part, but I had none and I wanted to finish the skirt quickly. So, instead of the leather straps, I made use of the zipper leftovers :)
DIY creative skirt ideas, using zippers
What do you think? It doesn't look like a crafts project when I wear it, doesn't it? ;)
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OK. Don't go anywhere; we're not done yet... 

Whatever you choose, zippers / leather straps etc., mark the length of straps you like to show and then stitch it onto the 1st layer of skirt front. When you're happy with the length of the straps, just tuck them in the 2nd layer of skirt front. 
You can now machine stitch all the hemlines of both layers, including the secure stitch of the straps. 

Once both front pieces are done, the rest is a cupcake! Just follow the sewing steps for a standard pencil skirt. 

So the skirt actually looks like this without the flap.  
red skirt design

It doesn't matter whether you like low or high waisted skirts, the flap starts from the straps. 
rag & bone etek modeli

So the skirt is finished; now it's time to find some flowers to use as a nice background to take the photos! 
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If More DIY fashion posts coming up!

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